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Arit Essien is a highly efficient, captivating performer, uplifting trainer, and an inspirational speaker for over three decades. She has been consistently offering executive leadership development training and has been succeeding at it too.She is also the founder and owner of a woman-owned small business, Didi Fables LLC. Arit’s transmogrifying work with adults and children of all ages and dispositions implementing different learning styles has made her one of a kind in the industry. Sign up today for her online transformational coaching programs!


Sharpen your skills as training is what she does best


Incorporates entertainment and makes training and coaching fun with her performances


Her creative solutions have proven to be successful in whatever she does


Analytical methodologies training programs develop necessary testing and development skills.

Didi Fables LLC is a woman-owned small business working with children in schools, adults, corporate settings, and behavioral health programs in healthcare institutes for 25 years. It is an edutainment organization with an aim to incorporate leadership skills in the most fun-filled and straightforward model through fables. The company has dealt with children and adults of all ages and occupations to build influential qualities that will propel them to the next level in life.

Didi Fables is equipped to deliver your organization exceptional services and support and help meet your agencies set extraordinary goals.

Core Competencies

  • Naturally trains the audience by embedding lessons in an acquainted and pleasing form of entertainment
  • Highly qualified, experienced, and captivating trainer and performer when it comes to customer service
  • Excellent teaching skills of how to build long-lasting relationships at the workplace
  • Implements a variety of learning styles in teaching, most prominently the fables and storytelling style
  • Vast experience of working with adults and children of varied ages, groups, dispositions, races, and nationalities
  • Worked within different settings, including hospitals, groups, and schools
  • Creates a fun-filled atmosphere naturally, applying fables, games, puzzles, and quizzes that enhance leadership roles

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Welcome To Didifables Conference


  • Do you offer online training sessions?
    WE understand your needs for learning online, and we try to provide you with the best services possible to meet your requirements. If you want any customized learning session, contact us for more information.
  • Can I cancel my registration?
    Yes. You can cancel your registration before the deadline, and 50% of the fees will be refunded to you. If the due date is over, money won’t be refundable. You can contact us for further details.
  • Do you provide training solutions customized to my needs?
    I try my best efforts to create customized training solutions for our determined customers. I often provide training solutions that are personalized to your needs. Please get in touch to learn more.
  • How will I find more specific information about the training program, such as location, services, etc.?
    Please check the event-specific information under the program you selected. Once registered, you will also receive all the additional information via your registered email and number before the event.
If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you, but if you’re determined to learn, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!
Welcome To Didifables Conference

Events & seminars

(Robert Gates).


DidiFables is a accomplished theater artist who apply the art of storytelling.

(Robert Gates).

Creative Dramatics

Utilizing drama skills acquired in college, we created “Creative Dramatics,”

(Robert Gates).


Highly organized, authentic, captivating trainer and performer in Customer Service. 

Welcome To DidiFables


Thank you, Arit, for changing my mindset, making me realize where I can improve and where I need to change myself. Arit facilitated me with outstanding thinking and visualizing strategies. I believe the session provided me with many tools that will enable me to live a better life, the life I have always dreamt of. Arit is incredible; she delivers the right information at just the right timing. Thanks again for a great program.

Chris Gregory

Conf. Speaker
I attended her sessions on how to influence people and build relationships in work settings. I cannot speak enough about the event, the content, Arit’s delivery, and her overall presentation. I tell you, in all my 23 years, I have never been into such a magical, full of learnings, realizations, and fun-filled event. I am glad I had the opportunity to attend the event. After the event, I am implementing all that I learned at her even, and trust me; things are getting better. Thank you!

Sophia Morgan

Conf. Speaker
Arit is best. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful performer. I attended the Strategic Thinking workshop with my team. The feedback has been nothing but outstanding. We were, above all, impressed by how well she understands the little details and areas where everyone gets stuck. She talked about the issues we are facing. The team walked away with a new sense of empowerment to say “Yes” to the many competing challenges and focus on what would create a distinct competitive advantage for our business. Thank you for your energy, time, and especially for your expertise. This was one of the best investments I made in the development of myself.

Gabriel Phillips

Conf. Speaker

The Digital Summit ’19

  • Event Hall:654 BrightView Lane, Princewell Hotel, CA 009110 USA
  • Summit Schedule:April 25 - 28 ‘2019 - 0900 to 1800
  • Tickets Booking:Name: Amanda TimPhone: 002-345-9870 Email: