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Didi Fables LLC offers services to people from all walks of life to become the educators, influencers, and entrepreneurs they aspire to be.

Didi Fables is ready to provide you/your organization with special support and exceptional services.


Leadership Development for College Students

Prepares all types of students and teachers to thrive in their particular field. Didi Fables signifies over decades of research and practice in classrooms in pursuit of teaching every student for activity and understanding. Competitive, humble, and striving teachers have led the way in pioneering the instructional approaches defined here. It’s not magic, and it’s no secret either: the strands of our training program include potent tools for actualizing phenomenal instruction every day.

The Framework is designed not as a teacher evaluation rubric but rather as a tool for personal and professional growth in terms of corporate life coaching. The training also helps you assess your current operations and activities and provide insights into student behavior so that you can position your program for success.

Didi Fables provide corporate leadership training online as well as student training and development programs packed with growth, success-focused, and adaptable skills. Through pieces of training and coaching, students significantly enhance success rate by targeting specific program tasks, focus on building your soft and hard skills, enhancing your activity, or both.

Online Leadership Courses for Teachers

Teaching leadership skills to students is crucial. Throughout the engagement, the student is helped to chart his/her progress towards key outcomes and develop additional strategies for achieving them. The learnings are delivered in an evolving and engaging environment. We present the learnings using a unique blend of education with entertainment, edutainment.
Various learning styles, tools, and games are applied to promote a pleasing environment and make learning fun and healthy. Arit is an expert at training students and teachers of all kinds and levels through edutainment framework, implementing fables method, and much more.


For decades, Didi Fables LLC has empowered people to craft lives; they totally love living with our transformation programs, courses, life coaching, and events.

What sets Didi Fables apart from other programs and events is, first and foremost, Arit Essien and then our unusual, practical approach to personal development. Our programs are deep-rooted in universal success principles and guided by years of heavy study, application, and testing to find the new and distinctive ways to provide evolutionary, reliable transformation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Arit has helped millions of people worldwide, from all walks of life, facing challenging circumstances and then turning them into lives they love.

Nevertheless of whatever situation you are going through or where you stand in your life right now, what challenges you’re currently facing and whether you feel completely stuck, alone and don’t know where to even begin, need someone to sort out and to help with a clear and specific dream, or need some support to take day to day tough decisions or in achieving a goal, you’ll get all that you’re looking for and find all the guidance and support you need to move on and succeed.

Arit is a professional coach and genuinely helps. She has helped thousands of people to successfully start making changes in their lives, sort things, carry a positive attitude, navigate life transitions, and manage personal/professional balance. Her life coaching will equip you to get sorted with your messed up head and bring the best outcome from you, create a plan, and take action!


Didi Fables provide coaching and training, particularly for the federal sector, to facilitate growth in both teams and individuals.

In the government work sector, Arit mainly designs her coaching framework, keeping in mind the three branches; legislative, executive, and judicial. She provides coaching to address professional or business-related challenges with her structured dialogue to excavate their insights and turn them into actions. Arit applies specific strategies, techniques, and methodologies that enable them to develop their goals and align the activities with a vision to fulfill them.

Arit designs programs in a step-by-step approach that guarantees beneficial and effective outcomes. The first and foremost step is planned to judge the missing gaps in the employees and leaders of all levels. Once the gaps are identified, the employees are divided and categorized according to their skills and levels.

She customized the program according to their levels and designations and then adjusted the training according to their requirements to meet their knowledge gap. This makes the training and learning more functional, operational, and effective. She delivers each group with accurate information and content to improve their lacking areas and skills.

In the end, an evaluation is conducted to check how much the employees have honed their skills. Such personalized learning gives far more effective and excellent outcomes. Arit believes in revolutionizing learning and development. She presents all coaching and training in a healthy, engaging, and entertainment-filled environment. This approach empowers employees and gives them confidence over their respective skills and field.


Didi Fables ’ executive coaching and training services are designed to offer a future leader what they envision in life and to help their organization achieve its objectives

Strategic planning and leadership development go hand in hand. The key employee in the organization must be working towards the common goals together. They don’t just make a difference in day-to-day decisions but also the future trajectory of your business. Arit, with her coaching and training strategies, helps individuals and teams aligned their development skills with the vision, proper direction, professional and business goals, and personal growth. The programs are facilitated in a healthy environment and include peer interactions with other organizations participants. This way, it enables them to learn and grow with the help of their peers and promotes cheerful camaraderie at work setting.

Leadership development is a continuous process. Arit whole-heartedly contributes her role in instilling the employees and leaders with development and coaching skills so they can create future leaders to reach their maximum potential. Arit train leaders so that they can be responsible for cultivating problem-solving, excellence-oriented, and learning culture. She offers alternate ways to tackle all the negativity at work and in life. This overall improves the performance and engagement of individuals, teams, departments, and organizations. The coaching also helps employees keeping the balance at all times, hitting targets at work, spending quality time with family and friends while also pursuing personal objectives. Moreover, it encourages you to foster fair and healthy relationships at work and life in general.